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Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Recerca

Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Recerca (ACLR) presents up-to-date coverage of medical laboratory practices worldwide, covering all aspects of theory, research and translation of diverse disciplines about Clinical and Laboratory research and analysis; Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Recerca is devoted to advancing diagnosis of illnesses centered on the laboratory analysis of bodily fluids and cells; Moreover, the journal encourages original research, expert review of Clinical and Laboratory research at the forefront of advancing the translation of biomedical discovery into novel or enhanced standards of care;

The Editorial Committee actively pursues to be a leading source of essential knowledge through promoting excellence in the novel and state-of-the-art methods, technology and laboratory assays, analysis and the convenient adaptation of those methods to the clinical laboratory testing and to better service the medical practice; Also, provides insight into diagnosis techniques used for laboratory analysis and the use of superior chemical, physical, analytical, and instrumental techniques; Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Recerca is particularly interested in receiving manuscripts that report original investigations, evidence-based preclinical biomedical research with prospective applications


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