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Journal of Anesthesiology Research and Practice

Journal of Anesthesiology Research and Practice is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that provides a forum for health care professionals engaged in perioperative medicine, critical care, and pain management; The journal publishes original research articles and review articles related to anesthetic administration, preoperative and postoperative considerations, perioperative care, critical care, pediatric anesthesia, obstetric anesthesia, analgesia, clinical and experimental research, administration and efficacy, as well as technology and monitoring

Aim and Scope

Journal of Anesthesiology Research and Practice (JARP) is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research and review articles on all aspects of anesthesiology. The journal seeks to provide an effective forum for research in anesthesiology and related disciplines. Topics covered include anesthetic pharmacology and physiology, anesthetic and intensive care techniques, respiratory care, fluid and electrolyte management, pain management, cardiorespiratory monitoring, critical care medicine, emergency medicine, trauma care, medical and surgical intensive care, and perioperative medicine. The journal also covers research from all aspects of anesthesia, intensive care, and related disciplines, such as resuscitation, infection control, and medical education.

The aim of the Journal of Anesthesiology Research and Practice is to publish high-quality research articles, case reports, and reviews in the field of anesthesiology and intensive care medicine.
The journal welcomes original research articles, case reports, review articles, and letters to the editor. The primary aim of the journal is to promote and disseminate research in the field of anesthesiology and to improve patient care and outcomes. The journal is a valuable resource for researchers, clinicians, and educators in the field of anesthesia.
The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to:
Types of Anesthesia
General anesthesia
Regional anesthesia
Local anesthesia
Clinical Anesthesia
Transfusion Medicine
Inhalation Anesthetics
Cardiac Anesthesia
Vascular Anesthesia
Thoracic Anesthesia
Neurosurgical Anesthesia
Obstetric Anesthesia
Ultrasound in Anesthesia
Intravenous regional anesthesia
Intravenous Anesthetics and Adjunct Drugs
Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics
Effects of Anesthesia
Anesthetic Techniques
Managing the Transition from Anesthesia
Anesthesia for Renal and Urinary Tract Diseases
Anesthesia for General Surgical Procedures
Reconstructive and Anesthetic Surgery
Anesthesia ventilators
Preoperative Care and Evaluation
Anesthesia Risk
Post-Anesthesia Care Unit
Nursing and Perianesthesia Nursing

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