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Benefits For Authors

Benefits For Authors

Open Access caused a paradigm shift in scholarly publishing. One essential and intended result of the transformation is that the readership expanded from regional levels to global proportions.

Reach and Engagement

Possessing an international team of editors gives us an exclusive perspective and know-how to connect to research communities all across the world. Our journals are distributed to pertinent academic circles and institutions to boost engagement with ongoing research projects

Improved Citations

We host all published content on our website with appropriate metadata, lack of a paywall and unrestricted access increases the chances of articles coming up in relevant search engine queries. In addition, our continuous contact with research networks adds visibility to articles.

Article Metrics

MEDrecerca keeps track of all the content published in our journals. We provide article wise metrics such as citations, views, reads and downloads to authors.

Digital Presentation

Another benefit of Open Access publishing is the digital presentation of articles and author profiles. We publish articles in various file formats such as PDF, digital PDF, HTML and XML thereby making the content compatible for a larger set of audience.

Opportunities for Collaboration

We connect a lot of dots around the world in acting as a converging point for several disciplines and personnel with a wide range of interests. We not only encourage collaboration but also facilitate it as much as possible. Explore editorial board profiles if you are interested.

Flexible Processing Charges

Our pricing for article processing charges is among the lowest of many other publishers. We provide case based discounts to authors from middle and low income countries. To the best of our abilities we try to support noteworthy research, submit your manuscript and check if you qualify for reduced pricing.

Abstracting and Indexing

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